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Web development vs Digital marketing – What You need to know
Web development v/s Digital marketing

Web development vs Digital marketing – What You need to know

What to choose web development or digital marketing as a career?

Many people ask this question of which one is better to choose between web development as a profession vs digital marketing as a profession. The answer to this question is ‘both are good’. If you are a web developer who has knowledge of search engine optimization you have an extra skill that many would not have. Developing skills which are related to the work you do will help you to earn more money, will make you more knowledgeable. Same goes with someone who is primarily a digital marketer and has some web development knowledge, it will help him to understand the website architecture, technology used and also will help him in the seo process.

Choose what you love and which you find interesting

It is important for you to understand that which is the thing that you are more skilled at between web development and internet marketing. Which one is more interesting for you? Which is the thing you like the most to do? The one you like the most, do that! It is really a simple thing to choose, the future is good for both things as the number of businesses registering for businesses is rapidly increasing and so there are many opportunities for doing digital marketing for those businesses. Digital marketing is not only limited to websites, but it is also done for products, apps and many things that need visibility, credibility on the web.

Having multiple skill sets often help you in long run. You help yourself by learning new skills, implementing those learned things that you learn will get you real-time implementation experience and will make you good at these things. Both development and web marketing go hand in hand, knowledge of both helps your chances of landing up the job you want and also a profession both are good. The most important thing that matters is, how much effort, time you are willing to put into your work. If you have no interest in the thing that has good pay or has a good future, you will again end up getting yourself into problems. So it is better to learn new things and start diving into it with full focus and dedication. As a digital marketer, I can tell you one thing for sure that your knowledge of CMS, Front end web technologies helps you a lot to understand the technical part of the website. You can have a more in-depth technical analysis of your website which leads to doing quality SEO. To get started with SEO you can follow our search engine optimization articles which will help you with understanding different seo terms, seo techniques, seo strategies and will keep you updated with the latest seo happenings.


  • You should choose what suits your interest and what brings out the best in you.
  • You should choose what you are good at or at which you are more interested to work and then keep learning other technologies, skills. It will clear your doubts about choosing between these things. Work on your strengths and make them your #1  skill asset.

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