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How Can I Improve My SEO Rankings In Google?
How Can I Improve My SEO Rankings In Google?

How Can I Improve My SEO Rankings In Google?

To improve your Google rankings on SERP, consider the following factors.

Content is king

You should always create engaging, meaningful content which best serves the user’s search query. If the user is not happy with the content you create, you will lose your rankings even if you just keep on creating backlinks to your site. Bad content reduces dwell time (increases bounce rate) so it is considered as a negative signal from search engines that users do not find your content meaningful. Your content has to be well written, on point, with a good infographic. Firstly, focus on your content and then do everything extra.

Create VIDEO Content

Many people now prefer video-based content than in any other form. If you create good text-based content and as an add-on have a video embedded into your article, it will help you in increasing your dwell time(user time on site) which is one of the SEO ranking factors out of the 200 search engine ranking factors.

Voice search

It is expected that 40–50 percent users would prefer voice searching than text-based search on search engines, so you need to optimize your website to rank on voice searches. You can focus on decreasing your website load time, using semantic keywords in your content to rank for voice searches. Again, I repeat focus on content. A good article always attracts visitors and social sharing indirectly create strong backlinks.

Disavow spammy links

Your off-page strategy can also have acquired you few bad backlinks which are risky and can lose your SEO rank. Bad backlinks are those links pointing to your site from less trusted sources, paid backlinks from irrelevant sources, links from google penalized sites, links from malware-based sites. Try to get such irrelevant, spammy links disavow. Disavow tool helps us to let Google know that we disavow such backlinks that are pointing out to our site and are not to be considered as an SEO effort. You submit all such spammy backlinks in a .txt file to disavow tool in Google search console (webmaster tools). You can find such backlinks in search console> search analytics> Links to your site.

Create niche relevant backlinks with good trust flow and citation flow links. Focus on social media marketing as well to have more fruitful SEO outcomes.

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