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I am Abhijit Patil, a digital marketer and WordPress developer from Pune, India. is a website where I log my experiences related to digital marketing, web development and everything which associates to tech, marketing, design. I do WordPress design and development + SEO as freelancer for my clients.

I started with blogging in 2014 just to explore how blogging is and this led me to found my passion into web development. With writing articles, I was learning to increase web traffic to my websites and this is when I got into SEO.  I learned about SEO and started implementing it  and it’s the best thing I came across. My curiosity towards SEO and marketing analytics led me to start with online SEO courses and then getting into whole digital marketing. Simultaneously, I was working with WordPress themes, front end technologies with in-depth digital marketing for my websites and a few freelance projects. I love reading, blogging, learning and implementing new things which provide value. I also create video content for my freelance projects & my blogs. I do like to get in touch with like-minded folks!

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